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Balcony and Railing Inspections

Balcony and Railing Inspection

What is a Balcony and Railing Inspection?

True North Inspectors offer safety inspections for balcony and railing systems in commercial lodging establishments as mandated by the State of Florida under the DBPR HR-7020 Division of Hotels and Restaurants. Our inspectors will complete their portion of the Certificate of Balcony Inspection form to facilitate your certification or recertification process.

This inspection must be performed every three (3) years and is applicable to public establishments like hotels, apartments, and condos that are three (3) stories or taller. Additionally, it may be necessary when there is a change in ownership of the building. The Department of Business and Professional Regulations provides further details on these requirements.

Why Choose True North?

True North will coordinate for a site visit to visually assess balconies and railings, including the surrounding slab, wall attachments, balusters, and fasteners. Our inspection also covers an examination of interior stairway railing systems.

A report, complete with digital photos, will be provided along with the form, outlining any identified defects requiring attention. Following the completion of necessary repairs, we will schedule a re-inspection to verify their resolution, and a balcony certificate will be issued accordingly.

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